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Our aim is to offer an easy automated trading system to ensure short-term stable profits for our investors. Our smart platform and our team make the trading easier than ever to let anyone be part of this project. Our bots are available to make profits to you daily

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Automatic Trading

a simple steps to start, open account and them make your first investment, first payout after 24 hours

Instant Withdrawals

We offer a versatile range of payment formats whether depositing funds or removing your rewards.

Hourly Earnings

No more waiting around for your funds to transfer or playing guesswork when it comes to fees. Collect your interest instantly for free.

Based in the UK, our traders operate on a global scale to conduct the most astute deals.

A unique opportunity to benefit from the biggest trades and discover just how profitable crypto can be. Deposit as much as you wish and win as big as it gets. Enjoy scalable contribution benefits, potent Affiliate programs, and the chance to learn from crypto’s most attuned traders and analysts.

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Ultratrading makes it possible for the casual crypto follower to profit from the same bold moves as the pros. Users are free to invest as much as they wish with rewards proportionate to the amount invested. All users enjoy fixed interest hourly as well as contribution rewards, and unlock further reward potential from a pair of Affiliate programs.

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We take the right risks. We make the right moves.
You reap the rewards.

Basic Trading


Daily for 360 Days
  • Daily Interest :1.0%
  • Min Deposit :0.005 BTC
  • Max Deposit :0.19999999 BTC
Power Trading


Daily for 360 Days
  • Daily Interest :1.2%
  • Min Deposit :0.20000000 BTC
  • Max Deposit :0.49999999 BTC
ULTRA Trading


Daily for 360 Days
  • Daily Interest :1.5%
  • Min Deposit :0.50000000 BTC
  • Max Deposit :No Limit
Profit calculator
  • Daily Interest

    0.00 %
  • Daily Income

    0.00000000 BTC
  • Weeken Income

    0.00000000 BTC
  • Montly Income

    0.00000000 BTC
Auto Trading 24/7

Grow your portfolio like the world's most sophisticated investors. Our platform is always available to ensure that no market opportunity is lost.

Smart Trading

Emotions and stress have a negative impact on trading. Our Automated platform allows you to avoid that and gets the best profits by analysing all data storage.

Simple Fund Management

Ultratrading simplifies the trading experience by making it possible to manage your portfolio without interfacing directly with exchanges.


Get your Prepaid Bitcoin Card

Withdraw your payouts straight from your Ultratrading account to your Card. Our stylish contactless card looks great and you can use globally for ATM withdrawals.

*Ultratrading card will be only available to Blue and Vip accounts. To Ask Please Conect to Support Team -

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How Start Trading?

0.005 btc

Min Deposit

Calculate Your Return

Efficient Team-Traders solutions are required to compete in the world of Bitcoin.

We may offer a service that’s automated but we aren’t robots. We’re real people just like you – our group is compiled of the industry’s most attuned, most aware traders and your returns are our prerogative.

Buy & Sell Bitcoins

We recommend using our partner services for secure and fast exchanges. Whether you’re buying cryptocurrency or selling it, rely on professionals with experience. 

Bank-Level security

A secure platform is our foundation. We’ve taken our security to the next level to ensure we’re protected from any 3rd-party interference. We use a worldwide data center network, which is supported by state-of-the-art anti-malware software programs as well hardware. It gives us, as well as every customer, peace of mind. 

Comprehensive cloud-based website security solutions.


Trustwave protects data and reduces security risk.


McAfee solutions deliver complete virus protection and internet security.


Guarantee online customer security with SSL certificates.


Norton™ provides award-winning antivirus and security software.


Trust-Guard qualified businesse.

Affiliate Program

The 5% Affiliate program is available to every member with a personal account. Our 10% Representatives program is an advanced earning option for members who are willing to help us expand our global network. Share the affiliate link, located in your private account info, and earn extra income. 

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Affiliate Program


Representatives Program
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We’ve opened our doors for every crypto enthusiast, and for every person who’s willing to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the long run. MAY-20-2019 11:10:39 PM

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